TinyNES RGB Video Kit

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Warning: RGB PPU chip not included!

Installation of the RGB Video Kit requires that you already have a compatible RGB PPU chip. This chip does NOT come with the kit, and it must be acquired separately. Please do not begin the installation process unless you have an RGB PPU chip ready to use. We rarely have RGB PPU chips in stock, but when we do we sell them here.

Compatible chip numbers include all variants of RP2C03, RC2C03, and RC2C05. Note that RP2C04 chips are also technically supported but they have scrambled color palettes so most games will appear with severely incorrect colors.

These RGB PPU chips were originally used in the Nintendo VS. System and PlayChoice-10 arcade machines, as well as the Famicom Titler released by Sharp in 1989. They are always found in white or purple ceramic DIP packages with gold plated markings and leads.


The TinyNES RGB Video Kit allows you to convert your TinyNES console to output RGB (specifically RGBS) video via 4 RCA jacks. Three new RCA jacks are added to the top of the unit, while the sync signal is output via the existing yellow composite video jack on the back of the console. Installation is relatively straightforward, and we provide a step-by-step installation guide.

The use of a heatsink on your RGB PPU chip is strongly recommended. The factory aluminum heatsink found on many of these chips is too tall to fit in the TinyNES enclosure, so it must be removed prior to use. We provide a set of 3 low-profile heatsinks (including thermal tape) as part of this kit. Unless your RGB PPU already has a low-profile heatsink installed on it, please install these heatsinks on your chip.


Depending on how you plan to connect your RGB-enabled TinyNES, and what kind of monitor you want to use it with, you may also be interested in our RGBS to YPbPr converter which allows you to use displays with component video input, or our 9-pin Mini DIN adapter which allows you to use a range of third-party video accessories including high-quality HDMI and SCART adapters.