[COMING SOON] RGBS to YPbPr (Component) Video Converter

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Component video

Many televisions, including modern ones, have component video input (also known as YPbPr) which is somewhat similar to RGB, but not identical. Component input usually consists of three RCA jacks which are colored green (and/or yellow), blue, and red. For this reason component video is often confused with RGB video.

Unlike RGB, the green/yellow jack expects a luminance (or luma) signal (Y) combined with the sync signal, the blue jack expects the difference between luma and blue (Pb), and the red jack expects the difference between luma and red (Pr). Green is then derived from the other signals.

You will need a YPbPr converter to use an RGB-equipped TinyNES with a monitor that wants component video. This conversion is entirely analog and does not reduce the video quality or introduce any lag. The signal processing only involves a colorspace conversion as well as combining of the luma and sync signals together.

Please note that the description above is an oversimplification since various terms are often used interchangeably to describe signal formats, cables, input and output jacks, color spaces, or encoding schemes, sometimes inconsistently or incorrectly. For more in-depth (and perhaps confusing) information, please see:


Our RGBS to YPbPr Converter is very simple. It has 4 RCA input jacks (for the R, G, B, and S input signals) and 3 RCA output jacks (for the Y, Pb, and Pr output signals). It's powered by USB, and has 2 USB-C jacks for power pass-through. You can use either USB-C jack to power the device, and the other one to power something else (such as the TinyNES console). This way only one AC adapter is needed to power both devices. There are no settings, buttons, switches, or configuration options.

Includes 3 RCA cables (colored red, green, and blue), as well as a USB-C cable (colored black and gold) for power. Does not include a USB-C power adapter, but any off the shelf USB adapter can be used, including the one that ships with the TinyNES.


  • Dimensions: 7.5 × 6.3 × 2.5 cm
  • Input: RGBS via 4 RCA jacks
  • Outputs: YPbPr via 3 RCA jacks
  • Power: 5V DC via 2 USB-C jacks
  • Includes: 3 RCA cables, 1 USB-C cable