TinyNES RGB to 9-pin Mini DIN Adapter

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A number of video game accessories use a circular 9-pin Mini DIN connector to interface with RGB video because this particular format was used by many Sega Genesis and Mega Drive consoles.

This 9-pin Mini DIN adapter transforms all of the RGB-enabled TinyNES connections into one female DIN jack for use with these third-party accessories. The right-angle plugs and cable lengths are specifically designed for a sleek fit with the TinyNES console.

One end of the adapter has these 6 plugs:

  • Red right-angle male RCA plug for the red video signal
  • Green right-angle male RCA plug for the green video signal
  • Blue right-angle male RCA plug for the blue video signal
  • Yellow male RCA plug for the sync signal
  • Red male RCA plug for the audio signal
  • USB-C male plug for power

The other end of the adapter has these 2 jacks:

  • 9-pin Mini DIN female jack
  • USB-C female receptacle for power

Tested accessories

The following third-party products have been tested and are known to work properly with our 9-pin Mini DIN adapter and an RGB-enabled TinyNES console.

Sega Mega Drive 2 / Genesis 2 RAD2X HDMI cable
Manufacturer: Retro Gaming Cables
This small adapter provides high-quality, pixel-accurate HDMI output with integrated technology developed by RetroTINK. This is our recommended device for beautiful HDMI upscaling without any blurring or artifacts.
Sega Mega Drive 2 / Genesis 2 Component YPbPr cable
Manufacturer: Retro Gaming Cables
This cable contains integrated circuitry to convert from RGB to component (YPbPr) video which is then output via 5 male RCA plugs. A convenient way to convert video for use with monitors that have component video inputs.
Retro Access Genesis 2 32X/CDX RGB SCART Cable Composite Video Sync Version
Manufacturer: Retro Access
This cable adapts RGB video and audio signals to the popular SCART connector format. Note that the TinyNES outputs a composite video level sync signal, which is why we recommend this particular SCART adapter cable.
Genesis YPbPr Component Cable
Manufacturer: HD Retrovision
This is another great option for converting to YPbPr video for use with televisions that have component video input. Unlike other similar cables, this version includes a brightness adjustment switch and a stereo audio jack.